Jun 8, 2023

Great experience Alex Petrushin was great to work with.

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Jun 7, 2023

My experience of buying a car from Subaru Dillership in Ramsey was very pleasant. The whole team works very smoothly and professionally. They are friendly, hospitable and attentive to customers. I especially want to highlight Emil Martinovic, who worked with me. Emil provided full information about the car I was interested in, outlining all the benefits and advantages of the Subaru Outback, Specifications and practical aspects. He also showed me how Subaru maintains the cars we buy when he took me to the service center - that impressed me. I can not be proud that I was a good client - I had many questions, and I was annoying, however, Emil professionally answered all questions and dispelled my doubts. Also, a very pleasant impression was left from communication with the financier Michael Pandolfelli. Michael is very friendly and patient, frank and honest. Explained all financial matters in a clear and understandable way and was flexible to my needs while presenting Subbaru's services well. He made this part of the deal very easy and enjoyable for me. I am proud of my purchase and thank all Subaru Ramsey employees for their professionalism and honesty with customers. Thank you for an easily and pleasantly deal 06/07/2023 Nadia Kulenich

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Jun 6, 2023

Dealership experience was smooth process majority of the process was done through email. Walk in and walked back in under 30 mints. Staff was courteous and professional.

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