May 4, 2021

Having bought a used CX-5 from Ramsey Mazda in 2020 I can say that they are best dealership around. Their price per vehicle was better than the other locations I shopped. Also, they stood behind the extended warranty 100% when an issue arose. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the other two dealerships closer to where I was when I needed repair.

Reviewer: Source: DealerRater

May 3, 2021

Customer service is excellent. This is my second purchase with Ramsey Mazda. Price they offered was the best and were able to get just what I asked for. Also, appreciated the time they took to explain all my options and the explaining all the features on the car.

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May 1, 2021

First let me say this. In the past, I'd have rather had root canal in a back alley before I'd go to a dealership. Joe and Donovan shatter the car dealer stereotype. Both were personable, attentive and most of all honest. From the start of the deal to driving off the lot. It was only 2 hours. Incredible. Highly recommend

Reviewer: Source: DealerRater

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